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Envied by Devils

We are a social guild looking to get into casual raiding.

If you are interested in joining please whisper one of our members ingame. If you would like to apply to raid, please leave an application on this website.
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Sapphire, May 22, 12 4:51 PM.
Our forums have now moved too: 

Please apply/post there.


Dragon Soul Normal - COMPLETE!!!!

Sapphire, Apr 29, 12 8:06 PM.
Well its been fun getting there and just before the second nerf to Dragon Soul, we've managed to secure a guild victory and kick Deathwing's arse.
A few wipes on Spine but then a clear one shot of Madness. Looking forward to progressing into heroics soon.

Well done to everyone that came tonight; Special thanks to Thaelaríon for filling in when our PuG tank had to leave (lets face it without him this wouldn't have been a guild achievement), Kathrella (dark wolves) and Whoosh (dark wolves) for their efforts and for covering the healing nicely.

Congratulations to everyone who got their sparkly new title.

On a side note to all. Raid days have been changed slightly to Thursdays and Sundays.

Keep signing for the raids and signing for the fun raids also.
Well done again!

/Envied by Devils Officers.

Raiding and the future.

Sapphire, Apr 8, 12 6:12 PM.
Well the raid team kicked off to a nice start, finally 9/10 guildies... if only we can persuade that 10th to join us. Oh well, one day. 
The way things stand at the moment the guild itself is OFFICIALLY 4/8 in DS (5/8 if you were in the 7 guildies run last week)

We are currently recruiting for the raid team, either on a part-time basis or full time basis and we are in dire need of more ranged dpsers. So if anyone knows any, drag them to the guild.

For the time being: Well done so far and thanks to all who are patiently waiting with us for the big progression push.

(screenshots to come once we get the full team)

/Envied by Devils Officers.

Mists of Pandaria

shannos, Mar 20, 12 11:27 AM.
Check out the forum for all the latest information released about the Mist of Pandaria 

Welldone All

shannos, Mar 14, 12 3:54 AM.
Congratulations and welldone to all those who attended last nights raid and helped to get the ball rolling by taking us to 4/8 in DS with a guild group (except for 3).
It goes to show that we can do it and I look forward to going in again on sunday and getting closer to 8/8.
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